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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Going Natural!

I'm having so much time exploring many different food and dessert recipes that I've just realized how it absorbed my time.

Lately, I've been going to my naturalistic side. Each dish that I made has certain naturalistic element, at least one. For instance, today I made Citrus Cranberry Muffins and Japanese Chestnut Onigiri. I've been preparing the hard-shelled chestnuts since two days ago. Unshelling the hard skin using a sharp knife after an overnight soaking. Then peeling off the obnoxious inner skin (bc they are just so hard to get rid off). Finally another session of soaking. So this afternoon I was able to cook my chestnut rice. I was in doubt at first, but when I tasted the result, I changed my mind. The chesnuts are perfectly cooked causing them to taste perfectly sweet and very filling too! My bf said it tastes rather like ubi (sweet potatoes).

I also loved the result of my Cranberry Muffins bc I thought I failed the batter. Nonetheless, they rose! And the entire room was filled with the baked cranberry muffins. However, they were a bit too tart, I think I put in too much cranberries!

Another creation which I am so proud of is Nastar! You must be wondering, what the heck are they?

They are plain butter cookies with pineapple jam filling! Anyone who is Dutch or Indonesian must be familiar with this. What's so special about these little cookies is the pineapple jam. The jam that I made tastes so much better than the one I used to have. It's much smoother and lighter in color. I am so happy that people loved my pineapple centre! I'll make sure to write a special entry on them. Ha..

No more words from me, just enjoy the pictures...

My Citrus Cranberry Muffins

Nastar Cookies

Chestnut Rice
ready to be wrapped in seaweed


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