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Thursday, December 15, 2005

My New Pet

You guys won't believe this, but my chinese lo bok (daikon/radish) is GROWING!

I have never successfully grown any plants until now. I bought a pot of small green plant last autumn. It didn't actually died after a few weeks, rather it stayed alive in my small apartment. However, it almost didn't budge at all. I mean, in terms of they are not growing any bigger. Since I'm an impatient person, I eventually lost attention to this seemingly un-alive plant.

This is NEW! The chinese radish I bought in oriental mart a few weeks ago started to grow on its own. How did this happen? The reason why I bought this giant radish is to do some experiment in Japanese cooking. So, I cut out 10 centimeters of it and used it as a part of a condiment. A few days later, I noticed how the leaves on top of the radish seemed to be thriving. They looked greener and healthy. I was guessing that they were eating nutrients from their own body since I wrapped this radish in their original plastic bag. It must be damp and humid in there.

It's fun to see the leaves growing. You can see the progress here...

Radish's Green Leaves - Early Stage

Radish's Green Leaves - Growing Energetically!

I'm wondering, if radish's leaves are actually edible...
Probably I should try some now and let you know later n_n


Anonymous Aeons said...

bok choiiiiii

11:31 AM  
Blogger mg said...

Hi Strawberry,

So what's the verdict on the radish leaves? Is it edible?

Thanks for visiting my site.

To answer your question, I would always tend to buy baby plants and transfer them to a bigger herb pot. This works well for me besides i don't have a green house to nurture from seeds. You can mix different herbs in one huge pot separating them evenly. I hope this helps.

Good luck.

5:27 PM  

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