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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Frittata Italiano!

The echoes of my parents' and brother's visit are still here. Our house is still fully loaded with foods; leftover dinners, fruits, cookies, chips, and many more! That's why I don't feel like cooking anything laborious (like I always do) yet. Thus, last weekend, I played around with eggs. The simplest dish you can make. Also, I have just bought some herb plants, including a basil. I happen to have some tomatoes too. It got me thinking of Pizza Margherita after looking at these ingredients. Since the base is egg, I decided to toss up some frittata for myself.

I think it came out pretty good, at least I liked it! I stir-fried the diced tomatoes in EVOO first before commencing the consecutive actions. I took some pictures while cooking, I hope they can entertain your eyes!

YUM, aren't they??


Blogger mg said...

Wow, that looks so fresh. Yummmmmmmm

7:20 AM  

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