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Monday, April 03, 2006

The Recipe Collection Meme - My 2nd tag!

Almost all of my recipe book collection, top to bottom: Kue Tradisional - Indonesian traditional street snacks, The Herb Bible - a good illustrated herbal source, Complete Mushroom Book - amazing book on varieties of mushrooms you can thin of with recipes too, Artisan Baking - I bet you know about this book, Falling Cloudberries - amazing cookbooks filled with sweet memories, The Bread Baker's Apprentice - great bread baking book with detailed instructions

It's never too late to do someone a fovour including completing this tag, right?

From where do you obtain the recipes you prepare?
Unlike other bloggers who are already swimming in the sea of recipe books, I don't own that many cookbooks. Nonetheless, having been in Canada for two and half years, I have started to expand my collection of cookbooks. The first ones being some mini Periplus cookbooks from back home and a lovely book on Pizza and Pasta from my cousin in Seattle.
I also obtain recipes from other source, i.e. the internet. In fact, during my first year in Canada I was a regular visitor of Leite's Culinaria. I tried some of the recipes from his vast collection, some his own creation and many from best-selling cookbooks. Some of them being, Pasteis de Nata, Portugese Fish Chowder, and Middle Eastern Meatballs. I guess I owe him a lot although I have never personally contacted him.
The last but not least source is the recipes I obtained from a hands-on experience. Either from my mom, my grandma (from my dad's side), or my grandma's cook back home. I even took an informal cooking lesson with my grandma two summer ago. That was fun time! She taught me how to cook some simple and delicious home-cooked meals such as Babi Kecap (Chinese Pork in Sauce) and Semur Daging (Sweet Beef Soup). Whew...:)

How often do you cook a new recipe?
Depend on my mood. I normally go grocery shopping once a week, so sometimes I decide on a theme for the week. For example, there was Mediterannean food week where I cook recipes coming from my Meze cookbook. Later on I bought a Japanese cookbook that was on sale, which motivated me to seek the most authentic ingredients possible. And cooking up the recipes from that book for the whole week.
So, looking from my habit, I guess I try on new recipe quite frequently. However, I also love to revisit some old recipes.

Where do you store your favourite recipes?
All of my cookbooks are either organized neatly on the bookshelf or lying around on the carpet. Other than that, I wrote down (by hand!) some recipes I found online and have tried in my hard-covered Happy Teddy notebook.
Ah, now I feel like catching up a lot of recipes I've tried but haven't yet written down :)

How large is your recipe pile? Is it organized? If so, how?
It's not that large. Just some cookbooks and a notebook. That's all I guess. I don't own that many recipes that I need to pile them. By the way, I also have another notebook where I keep the recipes from my grandma somewhere in the bookshelf.
Oh, I guess I'm not that organized at all. On the other hand, my mom clips recipes from newspapers and buys monthly cooking magazine. I remember she piles them up in a small cabinet under the microwave.

What is the oldest recipe in your “to try” pile?
This is a hard question! How am I supposed to know how old the recipes are. Perhaps I should go back to the time when my interest of food just started to bloom.
Ugh, I can't really rememeber!
In terms of the age of the recipe itself, I remember asking my mom for a fruit salad recipe with hollandaise sauce my grandma (form my mom's side) used to make. This is the oldest recipe I can think of and I will need some time before I can find this piece of paper.

Are you really ever going to make all those recipes in your to-try pile?
To be honest, NO I'm not going ot be able to try all of them.

Do you follow a recipe exactly or modify as you go?
As a beginner, I followed the recipe exactly both for cooking and baking. Sooner or later, influenced by Food Network's chefs, I began modifying the recipes as I cook to best match my taste. As for baking, I tend to follow the exact recipe in order to avoid failing. Sometimes when I'm feeling creative I would add some extra ingredients here and there.

What is one new recipe that you’re scared to try?

I am most unfamiliar with French cuisines. So, I would say that cassoulet and confit are the recipes I'm still hesitating to try.

Tag at least one new food blogger for this meme (“new” as in only blogging a few months).

Tag at least one food blogger you visit regularly but never interacted with.

Tag at least one food blogger you constantly visit and leave comments.
I visit Ivonne's blog every day or even every six hours when I have nothing to do. So, I'd like to tag her! I also constantly visit Mae of Rice and Noodles, so she's tagged too :)

Tag anyone else you want.
Jasmine from Cardamom Addict

Thank you Tania for tagging me :)


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