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Friday, January 13, 2006

How Can You Not Want Dinner? ~recipe entails

Coming home from the not-so-wintry road outside, my tummy said she was kinda hungry. And I think so too. I think I'm just gonna cook something right away. I have already planned to cook the beef strips I marinated a couple days ago. I was intrigues to try this recipe after looking at my cousin's lunchbox and asking her the recipe. It's called Miso Beef and she got it from a Japanese recipe book that specializes in lunchbox dishes (Bento Boxes by Naomi Kijima).

As I was cooking this fragrant-smelling dish in my mini saucepan, I noticed how bland it looked. Colour really plays a big role in controlling my appetite. Then I remembered that I have a bunch of chives sitting in my fridge from chinese supermarket. Wouldn't it be nice if I add some cut-up chives into my miso beef? YES, it would!!! In fact, after doing that, the dish reminded me of a menu in my favorite ramen restaurant back home ^_^

Now my miso beef is ready to be serve with steamed rice... And I offered my sister (for the 3rd or 4th time this day) if she wanted to try some. She insisted with a very convinced NO. She was complaining with the smell that filled the whole basement too (my mistake..). Aww.. too bad I thought. I was thinking to save some for her, but I ate everything anyway coz I just couldn't stop eating it. Is it because this dish was so delicious, or is it just my nature who just can't stop eating easily?

Here's the recipe, very easy to make!

Miso Beef with Chives (or any green veggies)

2 tbsp vege oil
2 garlic cloves, crushed and minced
300 gr thinly sliced beef
3 tsp red miso (white miso is also okay; available in chinese/japanese grocery)
1 tsp cooking sake
1 tbsp mirin
a bunch of flowering chives, cut into 2-inches long
salt and sugar to taste

01) Marinate the beef with red miso, sake and mirin for 1 day
02) Heat oil in a non-stick pan, sautee the garlic on medium heat until fragrant
03) Stir in the marinated beef, stirring for 2 minutes
04) Pour 2 tbsp of water while stirring the beef
05) Sprinkle the chives into the pan, cook together with beef until it's fully cooked, around 10 minutes
06) Serve over steamed rice


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