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Saturday, January 21, 2006

It's MEMETime!! Ten Random Facts You Didn't Know About Me

Guess what? I've been tagged by Mae Gabriel of Rice and Noodles. Thanks a lot Mae, I'm excited 'coz this is my first meme. Looking forward to upcoming meme's. I hope I'm doing fine in this one =p I put aside some time before actually typing this on my blog. So here they are....

  1. I'm the eldest child in my family, however, I'm incredibly indecisive. I'm having a hard time dealing with my (own) indecisiviness! Thus, turning twenty-one today (gonna post about it after this!) I'm going to try to be firmer on my principles! >.<
  2. I always have my bulky Sony CyberShot digicam sitting around in my kitchen so that I can easily grab it to take pictures of whatever I'm eating at that time. I am keen on photography (as in watching other people's superb photographs) but am not excel on it at all. That's why I normally would take more than one shot of the food that I made so that I can pick out the best one.
  3. Often crave for food even on a full stomach. My weapon is this, the appetite killer: dark chocolate bar.
  4. I like to include zest in cooking; lemon, orange, and lime. My fave food with zests in it is: Morning Oatmeal Porridge with orange zest. Then I found out that zests are actually healthy, that's where all the essential oils are!

  5. Amazed by artisan bread baking while never baked an artisan bread myself. I love nibbling on these breads with crusty shell and cotton-y inside!
  6. Trying to always avoid MSG (monosodium glutamate) and eating healthy by bring food from home to school; hence, the "Lunchbox Challenge". However, I still eat the spicy korean noodle (RamYun) which definitely contains MSG. ARgh!
  7. Hate car, hate driving, and hate maintaining car. >.<>
  8. I use idle time like when washing the dishes to ponder over what happened during the day. Sometimes a moment without interaction with other human being in a day is really needed.
  9. Not shoe-a-holic, but really love my new pair of shoes bought on the boxing day. The brand is Diesel and they promised there won't be other person wearing the exact same shoes!

  10. In terms of education, I'm currently a Management student at a public university, a lost one. I ended up here after crossing out thoughts of becoming a vet and hotel manager. Well, I still want to pursue culinary studies after I graduate. Or, should I pursue a Masters degree in economics instead? See how indecisive I was....
I hope I don't bore you with my pretty long list. That's not all you should know about me, but I guess it's going to do just fine for now. Now, here comes the more challenging part, I have to tag five other bloggers. Sadly, I'm a newbie, so I don't know many other bloggers. If you don't know me and I tagged you, please don't be mad!

Abra-kadabra! I'm tagging...
crimson troops of "who am i"
Nupur of "One Hot Stove"
the baker of "she bakes and she cooks"
chika of "she who eats"
Jaay of "Culinarily Obsessed"


Anonymous ces said...

nice shoes! i say it's the color of the season..and by the way, happy 21st! so young! miss those days!

11:17 PM  
Blogger mg said...

Hi, sorry it's taken me so long to get here... with the traffic and all (been really busy lately)!

I love your list. It's so good to get to know you. I'm a little indecisive sometimes so you're not alone there. I love the shoes! Mind you i don't own many trainers - i'm more of sandals (going out shoes or party shoes) type a gal.

I agree with taking lots of photos - once you've eaten it, it's gone! And you'll be regretting not taking enough to choose from.

I think you should do all the courses while you're at your peak to study. Atleast then you can change job as and when you pleased.

Love your list. I'll tag you again, don't worry...

8:27 AM  

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