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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sno'flakes Fallin' on My Head...

It was snowing again in Toronto after a few days of only bitterness. That is harsh wind and drenching rain. I like snow much better than any of those two. During the snowfall, I could observe the snowflake caught on my gloves and awed at their pretty crystals. Just like the ones on the pictures or Christmas ornament.

Thank you for Chika for her posting about snowy weekend. Since from there I was intrigued to try her yukimi-nabe. Besides, I have a nabe pot that I have never used and my fridge is loaded with the right ingredients. It was surely a comfort food for me as well =)

Nabe Pot On the Burner


Cloud up with freshly grated daikon...


PS: I finished the whole pot all by myself =D


Anonymous Ivonne said...

Looks delicious!

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Aeons said...

looks nice =p

9:48 PM  
Anonymous esther said...

looks yummy!! i will definitely try it one day (after I buy the pot :D)

5:08 PM  

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