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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

On the Spirit of My Twenty-One bday

Since it's not so long ago since I turned 21, I'd like to talk more about what happened on that special day. I'd say it's special, not because of anything luxurious, just because I like the number 21 and this year I turned 21 on January 21st. If this had been year 2021, it would've been more special!

The first thing I received in the morning was showers of scattered snow while I was walking toward school to meet someone. It hasn't snowed for a while but it wasn't too windy, so I could enjoy the snow. I even took some pictures along the way. See... The funny thing is, last year on my birthday, it was snowing as well. Hmm.. so happy cause of that.

The next thing is as soon as I met that special someone, a.k.a my boyfriend, he welcomed me with a marvelous lookin' strawberry cheesecake with Frank Sinatra's "Happy Birthday" playing on the background. He's so sweet...=) Soon after, he gave me a present wrapped in plain blue paper. He videotaped me as I opened the present. I now know why he videotaped me, to record my surprised look as I revealed what was inside. It was an iPod Nano!!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me, but I need to type that many exclamation marks (!) cause I never thought he'd do that. It was an expensive present and I felt like I didn't deserve it, but since it's my day I received it with pleasure.

Back to that gorgeous-lookin' cheesecake!

It is just HEAVEN! I am typing as I'm eating a slice of it and I can't help not to describe how it tastes. This strawberry cheesecake, specially ordered from Timothy's coffeeshop, is just an ordinary New York cheesecake; without the lemony taste though. Every spoon of it tastes so creamy, cheesy, tangy, and subtly salty. It's not too sweet, that's why the taste is just right. As usual, this cake has a crust of crumbled graham cookies and a filling made of whipped cream cheese. Then, there's a thin layer of something creamier atop the filling, just before the strawberries. However, I couldn't figure out if that layer was a more smoothly whipped cream cheese or a plain whipped cream or the combination of both. And finally, on top of everything, the strawberries! They were amazingly sweet! Not sweet as in they're overly ripe, but they taste like they're at the peak of their perfection. Sweet, and not too sour or tasteless like the strawberries I got from the groceries (well, it's winter, so you can't expect to have Canada's summer berries). Oh well, perhaps their taste was also enhanced by the thin glaze of jelly sugar. Eaten together, it truly is one-of-a-kind cheesecake! My twenty-one bday cheesecake.

Now, now, I sound so self-centered, eh? Talking about myself all the time =p

The rest of the evening of my birthday was spent on a antique-looking restaurant on Toronto's Old District, "The Old Spaghetti Factory" ! I invited a few friends and my sister. It was my second time there and it wasn't like the first time we went there, at all! It was crowded, full of other birthday kids and birthday people. Anyhow, we got seated on a booth and proceeded to enjoy the evening together! The dinner was great, but what I like to most were not the main course (Spaghetti with Spicy Meat Sauce). I loved the sourdough bread + garlic butter (which I latter on stole half, just the bread), the thick Minestrone soup, and the spumoni ice cream. It's quite a treat having dinner there because all dinner menus include a soup/salad, sourdough bread, tea/coffee, main course, and home-made ice cream.

I'm so full now just remembering our dinner that day.....

Oops, the snow wants to say g'bye..


Anonymous Aeons said...


7:55 PM  
Blogger Typical INgredients said...

Hi Strawberry,

Look at you - you spoiled birthday girl!

How I wish I could turn 21 this year but nah well, you’re boyfriend has a good taste to trap you in huh! That is so sweet of him- IPOD and Strawberry cheesecake – wow I wish today is my birthday but I’m glad your happy on your birthday just forget the snow – it means one thing “SHOWER WITH BLESSING!”


11:37 AM  
Blogger mg said...

Strawberry, that was so sweeeeet! You're boyfriend must love you so much. To go through all that... he must have planned it for so long, going over it in his head... how wonderful! Really made your birthday so special. I'm so pleased your day turned out this great.

Hugs to you x happy 21st!

12:40 PM  
Blogger Culinarily Obsessed said...

Happy Birthday!!!

awww it sounds like you had a wonderful time!!! That's so awesome =)

I know I still owe you a tag..I promise I haven't forgotten lol

here's a short one I had time to do real quick..so tag you're it!!


8:26 PM  
Blogger strawberry said...

There won't ever be enough thank-you's for the birthday greetings you guys been showering on me.


8:57 PM  
Blogger narita said...

wow cindy .. happy birthday!! i like your self centered posts ;) it shows a different side of you other than cooking .. yet you still ended up going over every detail of the cheesecake anyway!
well .. i'm glad you had a wonderful day!! take care =)

6:30 AM  
Blogger strawberry said...

Thanks a lot Narita!!!!
This only happened once in a lifetime, turning 21 =p

12:01 AM  

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